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Chris Commisso: Wha's Up

Thu, May 28th, 2009 12:00 AM PDT

May Madness!

Hello there! I'm glad you're here & if you're truly interested in what I have to say, go to my Twitter page for up-to-the minute chatter. Thanks! For now, just want to blog about where I'm at musically as of May/09. To sum it up, I'm working on new songs & videos for youtube that I'm very excited about! Yah! Just got an old tripod working again for better camera shots. I had to blow a ton of dust out of my computer hard drive to get it to work correctly (video & audio editing is VERY rough on a computer). Especially since I don't have the right amouth of ram ect. All in due time though! I'm involved in a couple new music contests. One is an artist search for Myspace records & the other is a video audition for America's Got Talent. Not real excited about the last one, since I'm not big on talent shows ect. But the myspace records deal...yeah, I could sink my teeth into that one! :) We'll see. In the meantime, just trying to write & record the best music I possibly can at this point. Keep ya posted! As always, thanks for the support & remember to dream BIG! ps. And take action. (Cause nothing happens without action first!) But I know, I'm preachin to the choir. Peace!