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Chris Commisso: Reviews

Thank you Chris for your "Cover Girl" song. I saw you in concert last month & was so very encouraged to hear you addressing this issue that so many girls face & so many guys don't understand. I'll be buying another copy of your cd for a friend of mine who really needs to hear it!
This cd is the soundtrack of my life right now!!! I've been listening to it every single day for a month straight & I still LOVE it! "Sun In My Arms" is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. What a truly brilliant collection of music. Go Chris...Go Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!
"How do you describe the music of Chris Commisso? Most words, sadly, fall short to describe the feelings his music and lyrics inspire in a person. However, “soul stirring” is definitely a phrase that comes close.

Each song that Chris puts out touches you deeply in one way or another. It’s so easy to see yourself in the song, and feel exactly what the song is about.

The touching love songs, professing unending adoration. Hearing the revelations of finding someone who, despite your flaws, loves all of you. The melodies are smooth and flowing. They make you want to close your eyes and sway to the sound. They fill a person with a plethora of emotion.

The up-beat tunes that make you want to get up and dance, while inspiring self worth and confidence. Refusing to let anyone tell you that something is beyond your reach. Here the crisp sounds of the keyboard, revitalizes the senses. The lyrics nourish the tenaciousness deep in everyone.

The heartfelt inspirational songs, reminding that God is there, no matter what, even for a soul that feels it’s been lost forever and would never be able to find it’s way back into His grace. A feeling of inner peace and comfort accompanies the lyrics, as, once again you’re in a euphoric moment.

A few times, I have had the pleasure of seeing Chris in concert, and have found him to have a natural stage presence, and the ability to keep a crowd entertained. His music on CD’s are not touched up to improve them, as some musicians do, simply because they do not need it. When you buy the CD, and come to love the exquisite music, you’ll hear the same quality live.

What more can be said about the talent of such a person? Someone who plays his own music and lyrics and writes them as well?

Just this. If your not listening……YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING!!

Written by:
Candyann Irvin
"Ok, first heard Chris on Pandora Radio. Liked what I heard so much, that I went out and bought 2 cd's. one for myself and one to pass around between my kid's and wife. Since then, I gave mine away to someone who really needed to hear it. I'm buying more to give away to some friends who really need to hear his messages. I can't think of a life situation that Chris doesn't address in this cd. Sending one out to a friend who just lost her elderly mom. She needs to be able to wake up and look out the window and be able to smile again and not just "get on with life" bit to be able to "soar". I believe this cd will help."
Bill in New Jersey - (Jan 4, 2008)
"Lorilee" is an excellent start to a truly wonderful CD. "Sun In My Arms" is a beautiful song as another reviewer has said. Let's hope Chris gets the recognition he deserves.
Caroline - (May 27, 2009)
I found him first! I found him first! Stumbled on to his Akon cover on youtube then checked out his originals. I fell in love. His music is AMAZING! Why isn't he all over mtv???
Sarah L. - (May 27, 2009)
It's beautiful. Chris played around with different beats and came out with some really nice sounds. As usual, his piano playing is stellar (he makes it all sound so easy and pretty...). His lyrics are worth paying attention to. He has little surprises in them. Some the songs that a depth to them that you might not catch immediately, and others have some slightly hidden humor. Always nice. Things to make you think, smile, and laugh. :) Haven't quite decided which of the songs are my favorite yet (which is saying something, since it was pretty much the only thing I was listening to at work today). I like the sounds of America's Waiting for Me, the lyrics of Jetpack and Go Easy On the Girl. The more I listen to the CD, the more I find that I really enjoy about it. Thanks much for another wonderful CD! Chris' music is always worth listening to.
Kathryn Muntean - (May 27, 2009)
Its cool dude.. U got an amazing voice.
Cody Chambers - (May 27, 2009)