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  1. Hollywood

"I know this guy who has an idea for a screenplay. Everytime I see him he tells me about this script he's "going" to write. Problem is, this has been going on for years & he still hasn't written one page! It got me to thinking about how his entire life is going to fly by & his movie idea will never happen because all he does is talk about it & make excuses as to why he hasn't started working on it yet. Sad. This prompted me to create the ficticious lyric in "Hollywood" about a girl with a similar problem. But then again, don't we all procrastinate? I wrote this song for myself as well as my friend the would-be screenwriter & anyone else who has a dream they're just sitting on."


Words & Music by Chris Commisso
© 2008 musichris publishing (ascap)

She was starring in a high school play
In a little town called Bristol Bay
She was something to see
Barely old enough to drive
Yet she could light a stage on fire
Just like a Broadway queen
As the crowd screamed her name
She blew them a kiss
And thought to herself
I could get used to this

Someday I’m gonna move to HOLLYWOOD
And show those big producers
That I’m every bit as good
As any starlet on the screen
I’d pack my bags & leave
Right now if I could
Someday I’m gonna move to HOLLYWOOD

20 years had come & gone
She was still living in her hometown
Serving drinks at Ernie’s Pub
She said “By now I’d be a star
If I wasn’t stuck here at this bar
But I know my day will come
Yeah, as soon as I can save some cash
And lose at least 10 pounds
As soon as I can find the time
I’ll be California bound”

(Repeat Chorus)

Cause I’m still young
There’s still time
To live my dreams
To live my life

Another month or so had passed
She was sitting in a Doctor’s office
Staring at the x-rays
The cancer moved like a speeding jet
“She never had a chance” the people said
As they placed flowers on her grave
And at the bar where she worked
They put a picture on display
Of her when she was 16
Blowing kisses from a stage
You could almost hear her saying…

Chorus 2:
Someday you’re gonna see my name in lights
This tiny town won’t hold me down
I’ll fly just like a kite
You just wait & see
I’ll be living my dream
Just like I should
Someday I’m gonna move to HOLLYWOOD